Week 1–On Site Experience

How does work get assigned in the office? Who determines who does what/when? Who supervises?

As a media intern, I am taking full advantage of all media platforms to communicate with my supervisor throughout the duration of my internship. My work duties for each day and week are assigned in a number of ways. One particular platform that I enjoy is using Google Drive. Because it is all in one space, I as well as my supervisor, Jenni Kotowski, can instantly access my time sheet, my availability, assigned tasks and a number of other resources for my internship.

I also have the convenience of having my office located directly across from Jenni. If I need to ask Jenni a question or if she needs to assign me a new task for the day or week, it is very easy for us to communicate due to our close proximity. If either one of us is working outside of the office, we are both quick to respond to emails.

My duties as a media intern were laid out when I first applied for the position so I came into the first week with a relatively clear idea of what I was expected to do. On our shared Google Drive, there is a document entitled “Task List” that allows me to see what projects I should be working on throughout the semester.

One ongoing project that I will be working on is posting to DGS social media pages. For instance, Jenni may receive an email about an upcoming meeting or event of interest to DGS students. Jenni will then forward the email to me where I would then create a post for the pages (either with an image or without). Once I created the images and posts I would then upload or schedule to upload the content to social media. In doing so, Jenni as well as DGS social media followers are able see my “progress” instantly.

Another way for Jenni as well as myself to keep track of my progress is my “Weekly Goal List” on the Google Drive. There, I keep track of all the assigned duties I have for the week and cross each assignment off as I complete it.

Between the close proximity of our offices and convenience of technology, I am constantly informed of what duties are expected of me!


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