Week 2-On Site Experience

A day in the life of a media intern–Monday, September 15, 2016.

While Mondays are a bit of a drag for most, for me it is a day to get things done.

I started off early Monday morning heading to the DGS office to get myself organized for the week. I made sure I had everything crossed off my to-do list from last week and began to add on to what I needed to accomplish this week: change the TV lobby sign, work on my blog post, check on social media posts, etc.

I started to receive emails right away about work that needed to be done this week. Jenni forwarded me an email for a flyer that needed to be scheduled for social media and put up on the front lobby TV. I also received another forwarded email of the new pre-law slideshow that would need to be switched out on the lobby TV.

I headed off to class with the confidence I would be able to finally conquer the software to control the front lobby TV. Unfortunately, I spent the better half of the afternoon frustrated that my computer would not sync with the software needed.

After completing the new slideshows for the TV, I ended up having to send them to Jenni so she would be able to put them up. This made another task on my to-do list for the week: figure out how to convert PowerPoint to MP4 on my laptop or be able to use a computer at the office so I do not have this problem again.

With that frustration aside, I received a few more forwarded emails on other events/notices to post on DGS social media and a few posts I would need to generate myself. It is always exciting when I get the opportunity to make a post myself and get to use my creativity!

I also began to update some of the DGS website pages with new information/media, which was a task that I continued throughout the week.


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