Week 3-Networking

Profile someone at work—someone whose work you admire. Interview this person sometime during the week and observe him/her throughout the week. How did that person get to where you want to be? What does the person think about his/her job?

After looking at the list of employees at the DGS office, I decided to interview Sarah Gardiner after seeing her position as the Marketing Chair for the Midwest First Year Conference.

On top of Sarah’s daily life at the office as the Assistant Director of Honors in the Division of General Studies at UIUC, she also has many other duties as a Marketing Chair. Her daily duties as marketing chair consist of working on online marketing, emails, working with tech support, keeping the conference website updated, working with the conference chair as well as creating and sending out mailers for upcoming events.

Sarah mentioned how although her marketing chair duties are year long, her marketing efforts begin to ramp up in April and continue through September. Sarah has been particularly busy with her marketing efforts this past month because the Midwest First Year Conference is this coming weekend.

Sarah mentioned how her college experiences like being in a sorority at Eastern Illinois University prepared her for a number of different opportunities. Between her work promoting her sorority’s events to all of campus Greek life and working at the career services center, she gained lots of experience that helped guide her on her path to a career in higher education and marketing.

Her best piece of advice to me was the power of networking and being able to promote oneself. She noted how one should always have strong sales skills as “You’re always selling something” whether that is an idea or a product. She also noted how in marketing one needs a sense of humor as well as creativity to capture people’s attention and to be able to keep up with trends. Sarah’s favorite part about her job is the people that she is able to work with. She loves to be able to get to know people and be of service to her students, faculty, and staff.


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