Week 4-On Site Experience

This week’s work assignments review—summarized.

Now that I am a few weeks into my internship I have found that I am in a weekly rhythm of tasks. Each day I regularly post to social media, keep track of the lobby TV postings and DGS website to keep it as up-to-date as possible as well as any other duties assigned.

This week’s main task was an ongoing research project to look at General Studies and admissions blogs from other colleges close to and in Illinois. I started to compile a list of colleges to research and posted them in a shared Google Doc with Jenni. I started my research into Purdue and Penn state. I wanted to look at what pages they officially had (on behalf of their college website) and what social media pages they were running.

It was interesting to see such a lack of social media communication on Penn State’s website and lack of student engagement on their official website. Penn State’s page mainly focused on video interviews with current DGS students. The hits for those videos however were very low, averaging only 150 views in the past year. This was a big piece of information for me to question whether or not if promotional videos are the best way to engage with potential students.

Purdue on the other hand gave me a few ideas on how to connect with potential DGS students in the form of personal blogs. Each week, Purdue publishes a blog spotlighting current and former DGS students on their journey to decide why and how they chose a DGS major. I particularly liked how students were able to describe their own experiences instead of answering a list of FAQs.

All of the information I found here I listed in more detail on the shared Google Doc along with a main takeaway section. I then began to look at platforms for DGS at UIUC that will better engage with students as recommended by Jenni. I listed the pros and cons of using platforms like WordPress and Google Hangouts and am continuing to look at other resources.

This project will be ongoing throughout the semester but this week I was successfully able to create a path in which DGS can better engage with potential students through various media platforms.


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