Week 5-Big Picture

Which courses most aided in your knowledge base for this internship?

Although social media is a relatively new field to study in college, I have been lucky to take three classes that I have found very useful in my internship.

My writing across media class (WRIT 303) introduced me to the idea of creating a web presence (in that case, a blog) and being able to produce content for a certain audience. This was my first case of using a blog professionally and I have kept and updated the blog from the class and currently use it as a media portfolio. After being exposed to using WordPress, I now have used that website for over five classes and am currently working on the idea of using WordPress for a DGS project. I learned how to modify my posts accordingly whether it was a review of an academic journal or a travel blog on Disney World. I gained the ability to write and post for intended audiences that I am currently doing for DGS in the form of creating posts for Twitter vs. Facebook vs. their main lobby TV. Each platform has a difference audience, location, and message.

My New Media, Culture and Society (MACS 326) class was great in that it re-exposed me to the process of source coding, something I hadn’t dappled with since the days of Myspace. In the class we were tasked with editing Wikipedia pages that were of interest to us. I often switched between the “Edit” and “Edit Source” buttons (see featured image on “Blog Posts” page) to see how the pages were formatted. One of my tasks as a DGS intern is to update their website. Many times I have found myself on the “Edit” page of the website and could not find a solution to the problem (e.g.: I could not get a picture to line up properly with the text). Due to my past knowledge in source coding, I was able to look at the source code of the page and fix the problem with ease.

I had such a good experience with my MACS 326 teacher that I am currently doing a MACS Independent Study with her on researching and understanding successful social media campaigns. I am doing in depth research into case studies of what makes certain campaigns work, what strategies to avoid and what kind of professional work is available to someone like myself in that field. I particularly have enjoyed this course because it is an in depth study into my future allowing me to grow and understand the platforms that I am working with and apply them to my current internship at DGS as well as my other two media related positions.


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