Week 6-Networking

Talk about some of the new connections that you made over the fall and how they might be beneficial in the long run.

I have been fortunate enough to make really great connections during my time here at the DGS office. I have learned how the power of networking can really help propel someone like myself into the professional world.

During my informational interview with Sarah Gardiner, I got to hear a perspective on what it takes in order to be successful in the world of marketing. I was also fortunate enough to talk to Sarah about her husband, Channing’s, line of work for Adams Outdoor Advertising. She ended up giving me his contact information which is another great resource if I am wanting to contact Channing if I have any other questions about the industry.

Making connections in the office has inspired me to make more connections outside of the DGS office. For instance, I recently contacted someone who I work with at DACC to get in touch with their friend who runs all of the social media for the Indianapolis Colts. Knowing how important it is to network with people has given me a confidence boost to make strong connections with people inside the DGS office and beyond.

Lastly, I am lucky for the fact that my supervisor, Jenni has been so helpful in my networking process. Jenni was the one who introduced me to Sarah Gardiner as someone who I may want to conduct an informational interview with. Jenni also recently sent me an email for a job posting for the Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange office in search for a Coordinator for Media and Marketing employee. I truly appreciate that she has taken the time to get to know me and know that a job like this one (local and social media based) would be a dream for someone like myself.

This internship has allowed me to not be intimidated to take the initiative to contact others with questions and utilize my connections here in the DGS office to the fullest extent.


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