Week 7-Career Goals

What “big” issue, event, or assignment has inspired and motivated you?

A few weeks ago I began a research project into looking at other college’s undecided/exploratory major pages. I was surprised to find out how little other colleges provide a space for future/accepted undeclared major students on social media. I liked the research element and compiling all of my information to being able to make recommendations to Jenni on what the Division of General Studies may want to do.

I spent the next week or so narrowing down what platforms would best resonate with future students. As a team, Jenni and I decided to do a mix of “DGS Leaders” twitter pages and a WordPress blog dedicated to future DGS students.

I was tasked with finding the right theme for the page and adding the appropriate information. It was fun to play around and find a format that would be eye-catching and simple for students to navigate.

I am continuing to make the page look “pretty” and update the “Meet the Bloggers” section as soon as DGS leaders get their information back to me.

From there, I have been compiling a list of questions for DGS bloggers to answer. I’ve challenged myself with creating/finding questions that can be more personal for future DGS students vs. static FAQ questions.

I also helped write a welcome admissions letter specifically for incoming DGS students. I wanted to put in a personal touch to the letter to help make students feel welcome. In the letter I also mentioned the blog that has been created for admitted students.

My blog project and admissions letter project worked hand in hand. I was motivated by this project because I want to make new students feel as welcomed as possible. I remember when I first got accepted into UIUC and how excited I felt. I used the thoughts and questions that I had as an incoming student and have applied them to my blog project.

It has been exciting to use my experiences as a once new student to be able to help incoming DGS students start their journey at UIUC.


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