Week 8-Big Picture

What advice would you give to an intern right before they actually start?

While you can never fully be prepared for a new internship, there are a few key pieces of advice I would give to the intern taking over my position next semester.

One piece of advice I would give an intern before they start would be to do their research into the Division of General Studies. Before beginning my internship, I had an idea of things I wanted to do on social media prior to looking into DGS’ social media pages.

I learned throughout the internship that I needed to be flexible. I would say be sure to look at what DGS posts on their websites or who their intended audience is to get a better feel for how you will need to create your content. On the flip side to that, one fun thing is that you are able to use your own creativity in producing social media posts. I often doubted some of the things I put together but soon realized I needed to have confidence in what I was doing!

Being a new intern may seem overwhelming at first but the advice I would give is that you do not need to complete all of the tasks given, all in the same day, you have an entire semester. Creating a schedule and plan of what needs to be done daily, weekly or by the end of the semester can help give you a better idea of what you need to do.

My final and most important piece of advice is that there is no shame in asking questions or admitting when you need help. I originally was tasked with operating the front lobby sign every week with up to date DGS news. After multiple attempts and notes, I asked Jenni for help. I realized that it wasn’t my fault after all—it was my computer. It may seem intimidating to ask your superior for help, but that is how you gain insight and are able to help others in the future. It is better to ask for help before you complete something vs. explaining what went wrong after.



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