Samples of Media Work

In regards to my internship for the Division of General Studies at UIUC:

Daily postings/content creation for social media pages:

  • Schedule postings for Facebook and post on Twitter pages
    • Averaged one-two posts per day
  • Create content that is engaging for students and to increase followers on both social media sites
    • Was able to increase number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers
    • Gained 1-2 likes/follows per week
  • Respond to users on social media platforms
  • Links to social media postings: Twitter and Facebook
  • Slideshow below gives examples of graphics/posts I have created to use for social media

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DGS Alumni interviews and video creation:

  • Research other midwest college’s videos featuring alumni
  • Research and formulate questions to ask alumni
  • Contact over 20 alumni and coordinate due dates and times. Dispense and organize questions to be answered to alumni.
  • Remain in contact with alumni and receive and edit videos in a timely fashion
  • Convert videos to be compatible with YouTube and upload videos to be shown to incoming DGS students for December 2016
  • WordPress does not allow for videos to be uploaded.

Research, creation, and implementation of dedicated online space for future DGS students:

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 10.34.30 AM.png

  • Research multiple midwest colleges and their outreach to possible “undecided” students
    • Consider what methods would be appropriate for UIUC DGS to use: video, blog, social media
  • Gather research and make recommendations for internship supervisor
  • Decide what blog format would be best to use
    • WordPress
  • Create blog and formulate potential blog topics for current DGS students to write for potential DGS students
  • Also give recommendation on how to contact future/potential DGS students by using social media
    • DGS Twitter pages dedicated to “Days in the Life” of DGS students
  • DGS Blog Page

Maintain/update DGS Website

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 10.48.47 AM.png

  • Keep all informational meeting dates and times current
  • Make changes to the website as needed including:
    • Adding/changing staff pictures and bios
    • Changing links for DGS pages
    • Adding/deleting pages as needed
  • DGS Website

Update Lobby TV

  • Weekly task of adding and removing posts for the lobby TV (located in the DGS office)
  • Email Jenni weekly an updated version and give recommendations on posts to add
  • Create posts for the lobby TV that are engaging and succinct with information